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Feb. 12, 2021

Don't Get Overwhelmed, Keep Moving Forward

#064 - In today's world it's easy to get overwhelmed by all the knowledge available to you. However, rest assured that you do not need all the knowledge right now. Take a deep breath and take the first step with …

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Jan. 11, 2021

Content vs. Listener - Where Should My Focus Be?

#055 - An intriguing question came across my Facebook feed: Should I focus on my content or focus on my listener? I wasn't sure what to make of it at first, but I have some thoughts on it now. Mentioned …

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Jan. 8, 2021

Should I Take A Break During The Holidays?

#054 - Podcasting can take a lot of time and effort. The holidays tend to be a time for family and relaxation. Do you take a break or keep production up and running? Or can you have the best of …

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Jan. 1, 2021

Do Not Promote Your Podcast

#052 - This probably sounds like a crazy idea, but stick with me. Do not promote your podcast. This is going to be the key to getting more people to listen to your podcast. Mentioned in this Episode: The Best …

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Dec. 28, 2020

How Podcasting Has Changed My Life

#051 - Podcasting has had a profound and lasting effect on my life. I didn't realize how many events were interconnected until I sat down and thought about it. I want to share my journey thus far so that I …

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Dec. 25, 2020

The Power of Podcasting

#050 - Podcasting has a lot of powerful, positive effects on the world, the listeners, and even the podcast hosts themselves. In this episode I start to explore some of those effects with the help of a few guests. Mentioned …

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Nov. 27, 2020

How To Deal With A Bad Recording

#042 - Bad recordings will happen to every podcaster. The question is: How will you handle it? What options do you have when you run into problematic audio files? Hear about my personal experiences and my recommendations for ...

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Oct. 30, 2020

Avoid Perfection

#034 - Perfection is the enemy of good. Stop making excuses. It's time to get you on the mic. It's not as hard as you might think. Let's do this together. Mentioned in this Episode: Buzzsprout (affiliate link) Samson Q2U …

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Oct. 26, 2020

YouTube Is Not A Podcast Directory

#033 - YouTube is not a podcast directory yet many people like to treat it that way. Here's what you need to know and why you might want to give your decision a second thought. Mentioned in this Episode: Podcast …

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Oct. 23, 2020

Should I Record Video For My Podcast?

#032 - By the strictest of definitions, podcasts do not utilize video. Is that changing? Should you be thinking about video? Mentioned in this Episode: Collection Crossing Podcast Resources Donate to Podcast Better Ko-Fi (dir...

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Oct. 12, 2020

Avoid Podfade - Plan Your Podcast

#029 - Have you heard about podfade? Are you worried about podfade? Let's discuss what it is, why you want to avoid it, and how you can avoid podfade. Mentioned in this Episode: Podcast Resources Donate to Podcast Better Ko-F...

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Oct. 9, 2020

The Podcast Market Is NOT Saturated

#028 - What does a restaurant in Sullivan, Indiana have to do with a restaurant in Jacksonville, Florida? The answer probably won't surprise you... Mentioned in this Episode: Rate Podcast Better Show Contact Info Twitter (@po...

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Oct. 5, 2020

Your Podcast Isn't For Everyone

#027 - You don't want to listen to every other podcast out there. So why should you expect every else wants to listen to yours? SPOILER: You shouldn't. Mentioned in this Episode: Rate Podcast Better Show Contact Info Twitter ...

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Sept. 28, 2020

It's Time To Celebrate!

#025 - Starting a podcast may be easy, but keeping a podcast going...that’s not for everyone. So, if you’ve made it this far, come on and celebrate with me! Mentioned in this Episode: Rate Podcast Better Show Contact Info Twi...

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Sept. 7, 2020

What Is The Best Time To Release A New Podcast Episode?

#019 - All the little details and minutiae of podcasting can quickly get overwhelming. Today we'll tackle release day together so you can relax a little and take one more thing off your plate. Mentioned in this Episode: Secre...

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