Nov. 30, 2020

Podcast Better Origins: Dr. Laura Jaget

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#043 - Continuing my series on podcaster origin stories I invite Dr. Laura Jaget on to the show. She is a chiropractor by trade, but how does that translate into a podcast? You'll have to listen to find out...

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Dr. Laura JagetProfile Photo

Dr. Laura Jaget


Dr. Laura Jaget is a chiropractor who retired in 2020 after 28 years in practice. She took advantage of the downtime during the Covid shutdown and created a podcast called How To Life. She has a YouTube channel of the same name that features short video tutorials called Mominars that show how to do basic life skills.

How to Life is a brand geared toward helping, guiding, and encouraging the younger, newer adult maneuver through adulthood more easily. In short, it helps to take the fear out of “adulting”!

In her “adult” life so far, Dr. LJ has been a nationally ranked NCAA Division I tennis player, a chiropractor, a business owner, a wife, a mother of four amazing, accomplished children, a healer, a teacher, dabbled in boxing, marksmanship, ballroom dancing, and is most recently, playing senior pro pickleball, which she LOVES!

How To Life is her “second act” and she is having a great time producing content to help motivate and inspire others!