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My new favorite podcast with tons of actionable take-aways!

I’ve been podcasting for the past 6 years and since the industry is relatively new it’s hard to find specific answers to questions that come up from the podcasters prospective. I just listened to the interview with Jonathan Collaton about how to ask better interview questions and it opened my eyes. Ask How, then ask Why and repeat. Such simple yet powerful advice that will surely help me create a better podcast for (my own personal curiosity, and) my audience. Thank you Matt! Raymond Hatfield Beginner Photography Podcast.

Great reference for podcasters

This is a great reference for anyone new to podcasting. It has helped me immensely and the host Matt explains things so well. Keep being great!

One of the best for podcasters

If you’re just getting started or have need podcasting for a little while, this is the podcast you must listen to. It helped me learn some basic and more complex ideas pretty quickly. Highly recommend. He breaks it down into bite sized chunks. Very helpful! Thank you! For doing this!

It is great to know I am not alone

Being new to the podcast world comes with a lot of questions, fears, and insecurities. It is a RELIEF to know that I am not alone! This podcast provides encouragement as well as information and advice. Very grateful to have found this show.

Make a better podcast with Podcast Better

I love being a podcaster, but at 6 months in the game, I have moved from having a million newbie questions to actual challenges and a few mishaps. Matt’s podcast is to the point, practical and you can really tell how well he understands the medium. Thanks, Matt. It’s a killer show!

Show 34

Show 34 is my favorite. We always want the lates and greatest gadgets to then start anything not just podcasting. I’m glad I took the leap with what I had. It’s been great. Thanks Matt!!

A Must Listen for New Podcasters, and a Great Listen for Podcast Veterans

Short, simple, sweet, and most importantly, instantly applicable. Regardless of where you are in your podcast journey, this is the podcast about podcasting for you.

Short and Sweet

I really like how Matt keep this podcast brief and to the point. There’s virtually no fluff. Each episode sticks to one topic which he covers well. If you’re even pondering starting a podcast of your own, this is _the_ podcast to listen to.

Podcast Better is concentrated info gold

I started listening to Podcast Better to pick up tips and tricks, but found so much more. Episodes are pretty short (most around fifteen minutes), which has been fantastic as I repeat episodes to pick up all the nuggets of podcasting wisdom host Matt drops. The guests are experts in their topics and provide insights that I will continue to use and return to for reference in the future. This podcast is a must subscribe for me!