Dec. 25, 2020

The Power of Podcasting

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#050 - Podcasting has a lot of powerful, positive effects on the world, the listeners, and even the podcast hosts themselves. In this episode I start to explore some of those effects with the help of a few guests.

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Mark SavantProfile Photo

Mark Savant

Entrepreneur, Podcaster

Mark is the founder of Mark Savant Media. He helps people build their brand through digital media. His popular video podcast, the After Hours Entrepreneur has featured experts from Pat Flynn to Evan Carmichael.

If you want to level up your brand and social media presence, Mark can help!

Eliezer TorresProfile Photo

Eliezer Torres


My name is Eliezer Torres, Eli for short. I was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico, raised in New Brunswick, New Jersey and now reside in Florida with my wife and two children.

I’m the host of What Would a PK Say? I was raised a Pastor’s Kid and through a series of fortunate events have decided to open this platform. It’s a podcast in which Pastors’ Kids can express their life experiences as things can be a bit different growing up being a PK. I hope that you might take a few minutes and listen to the show.

Thank you much and Happy Podcasting.